Policies of Enrolment




ACCEPTANCE OF ENROLMENT: Acceptance of enrolment is at the sole discretion of the Principal

PAYMENT OF FEES: Direct Debit is the preferred fee payment option. The direct debits will start on the 03/02/17 and continue for 46 equal payments until the last debit on 15/12/17. Note that direct debit payments continue through the mid year school holidays. This payment plan will average out the associated fees across the whole dancing year.

You also have the option to include an additional fee per week to cover the cost of costumes for the end of year concert. This is recommended. Please see fee structure for further information.

Direct Debit is a payment option only, if direct debit is not for you, fees are to be paid weekly.

Should you at anytime experience difficulty in making your fee payments, you may contact the Principal via email and your situation will be assessed and an alternative payment arrangement may be offered.

FAILURE TO PAY FEES: Late payment fees may apply. The studio reserves the right to exclude any student whose fees fall in arrears.

UNIFORM POLICY: Uniform is an essential part of working as a team, it shows respect for their peers, teachers and studio. A STRICT uniform policy will be enforced. Letters will be sent home if this policy is not adhered to. Please make sure your child is in correct Sarah Brown Dance Studios uniform at all times, no exceptions.

MISSED CLASS POLICY: All missed classes must be paid for. All missed private classes must be paid for unless 24 hours notice is provided to the studio.

REFUND POLICY: The registration fee is only refundable until 28th February 2017. Unused class tuition fees will be refunded once written or email notification has been received. Any class that is cancelled by the Principal will be refunded.



By accepting the First Aid Policy you give staff permission to administer basic first aid, which will include Band-aids, Bandages, Soothing Creams, Ice Packs and Antiseptic.

In case of an emergency and a parent/guardian are not present or contactable, a staff member will call an ambulance and contact the emergency phone numbers provided on the enrolment form.



On occasions, there are benefits in filming the student’s routines to highlight strengths and weaknesses. This forms part of their dancing development.

Photos are often taken to display and highlight student’s results and achievements. E.g. Competition results, student of the month award. This is an attempt to build student esteem and create a studio family environment.

Photos are sometimes taken for promotional purposes.

By accepting the Photography Policy you give permission for staff and/or persons authorised by the Principal to photograph/video your child for promotional/training purposes.



I understand that in the studio reception I am expected to speak to and treat the staff members with respect. Staff at Sarah Brown Dance Studios are employed to do a job and have no input into how the studio is run.

DO NOT approach our staff or contact them via social media in an aggressive manner. If you have an issue of concern that needs to be dealt with, request the Principal contact you and if need be arrange a meeting.

Failure to treat staff at Sarah Brown Dance Studios with respect may result in your child being asked to leave our studio permanently.




  1. I agree that my child will attend their classes in correct uniform/ footwear and be well groomed
  1. I understand that my child needs to attend regularly to achieve a high standard and keep up with their class. Attendance close to the end of year concert is compulsory.
  1. I understand that my child must be respectful to all STAFF and PEERS at all times.
  1. I understand that I need to check my emails/ studio Facebook page weekly to make sure that I am up to date with studio news and announcements (www.facebook.com/sarahbrowndancestudios)
  1. My child and I are aware that we are not to engage in any negative talk about another student, teacher, routine etc associated with Sarah Brown Dance Studios. We are an inclusive Dance Family and we want it to remain that way.
  1. My child and I are aware that we are not to engage in any negative talk about another studio whilst inside or outside Sarah Brown Dance Studios.